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17 10, 2013

Government Shutdown Over, But Challenges Remain

Special Blog Post By: Kathy Jackson, CEO of Second Harvest Food Bank I am pleased that Congress has come together to provide our economy the stability it needs. Though the immediate crisis has passed and agreements to reopen the government and avoid a default on our nation’s bills were achieved, we still face an automatic [...]

14 10, 2013

The Government Shutdown and How We’re Doing

Special Blog Post By: Kathy Jackson, CEO of Second Harvest Food Bank At a time when there is heated rhetoric in the media around the budget impasse in Washington, all of us at Second Harvest Food Bank want you to know that we are monitoring the situation and the potential impact these events may have [...]

12 07, 2013

Amber and Her Daughter Have a Bright Future Thanks to Food Stamps

My name is Amber and I have a five-year-old daughter. I have always dreamed of pursuing a career in a food or culinary-related field, but was afraid that a work-related injury that limits my mobility would prevent me from realizing this dream. Fortunately, I found a distance learning nutrition program that is allowing me to [...]

20 01, 2010

Our own Cindy McCown nominated for a CFPA Stampy Award – Vote today!

Nominations for the 11th Annual Stampy Awards from across the state honor the efforts of individuals working to improve the Food Stamp Program in California. This year, our very own Cindy McCown has been nominated, along with Jim Beall, our hunger-fighting champion in the California State Assembly!Vote Now through January 31, 2010.We at Second Harvest [...]

10 07, 2009

Why Finger-Imaging is Bad News for Food Stamps

Bad news from Sacramento: Governor Schwarzenegger wants to not only keep the finger-imaging requirement for food stamp applicants, but expand finger-imaging to those receiving In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS).We at Second Harvest Food Bank are deeply concerned because many of the people we serve are also participants or are eligible for these crucial safety net programs. [...]

10 07, 2009

Ending the Cycle of Poverty: AB 433 brings us one step closer!

AB 433 is now law!No More Asset Test for Food Stamp Households with ChildrenA great victory has been achieved for families struggling to put food on the table. Food stamp households will now no longer be subject to an asset test, a crucial step to expanding participation in the Food Stamp Program, as well as [...]

4 06, 2009

Stopped in its Tracks: Important Step Forward for Food Stamps and CalWORKS Reform

AB 1057, introduced by California Assembly member Jim Beall, Jr., was held in the Assembly fiscal committee, a victim of the state's budget crunch. The bill aims to simplify the Food Stamp and CalWORKS programs, thereby encouraging participation in these crucial social-safety net programs.But this bill has found itself in the Assembly Appropriations Suspense file [...]