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Giving Time: Steve Norris

“Giving Time” focuses on the invaluable volunteers who donate more than 310,000 hours to Second Harvest each year, more than doubling the size of our staff. Special Blog Post featuring Steve Norris, as told to Matt Mastrangelo of Second Harvest Food Bank. My name’s Steve Norris and I was born in Boulder, CO but grew up in the Mojave Desert in Southern California. Moved up to Santa Cruz in 1968 and I’ve been in the Greater Bay Area ever since. […]

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When Hunger Hits: Who’s Hungry?

Benjamin Von Wong’s portrayal of kids foraging for food may be fantastical, but child hunger is all too real. They may not be scaling mountains to get food, but there are kids in nearly every neighborhood who are worried they won’t get enough to eat on any given day. Imagine coming home from school and finding nothing to eat. The cupboards are bare and the refrigerator is empty. Kids tell us they feel scared when there’s no food in the house. This is happening in homes all across America. Yes, right here in the land of plenty. It’s a problem that’s often hidden. […]

Nutrition Newbie: Stay Cool This Summer

“Nutrition Newbie” is a series focused on basic nutrition information and tips. Special Blog Post By: Luiza Naslausky, Nutrition Education Coordinator, Santa Clara County Summer is almost here and with it comes plenty of opportunities to ease the heat with ice cream, frozen yogurt and cold sugary drinks. When thirsty, you might find yourself thinking that a cold glass of lemonade or sweetened ice tea is the perfect answer. Unfortunately, these drinks are loaded with sugar as discussed in our last blog post. You might also think a frozen yogurt is a healthy snack to cool down with. Certainly, compared to ice cream, right? You are not alone. People are frequently mislead to believe frozen yogurt –a summertime favorite– is a healthy food option. […]

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