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Local Hunger Fighter: Ariel Tinajero, Recreation Program Assistant, on behalf of all volunteers at the Menlo Park Senior Center

Ariel Tinajero is the Recreation Program Assistant at the Menlo Park Senior Center. Ariel and a whole team of dedicated volunteers manage a Brown Bag distribution of monthly groceries for senior citizens in need. Along with the distribution of food from Second Harvest, the Menlo Park Senior Center offers education, health and recreation programs for older adults in the Menlo Park community.

The Menlo Park Senior Center has one of the most enjoyable Brown Bag distributions. Why is it so special?

Because of our site host and volunteers.

How are you helping Second Harvest and our community?

The team of volunteers at Menlo Park Senior Center are helping our community by donating all the excellent food we receive here at the Senior Center to families in need of healthy groceries. The high quality food we receive from Second Harvest is much needed in the community. Many community members in this area with the high cost of living depend on this food to survive in these tough times.

Why should people care about hunger?

Helping to solve the hunger crisis is a huge part of lifting up the lowest income members of our community. Everyone should care about helping other people. If we didn’t have the volunteers and the food it would be a total crisis for our community members.

Why do you support Second Harvest?

They are doing a great job providing healthy food for all our brothers and sisters that are in need of nourishment. Without the help of Second Harvest we are afraid that there would be a lot of families getting sick who are not able to afford a healthy meal.

How long have your volunteers been working with the program?

Some of our volunteers have been here for over 9 years! They enjoy being able to help the center and their fellow community members!

***Meet more of your neighbors helping us build a hunger-free community.