One in 3 of our clients reports a member of their household has diabetes and more than half of our clients report a member of their household has high blood pressure.  Last year we launched our Healthy Food & Beverage Policy, which aims to educate our community about foods to eat in order to maximize the health benefits of items received from the Food Bank and minimize the need for cheap, high-calorie, low-nutrition meals. As part of our policy, we’ve added spices and plant-based oils to our most need foods list. Unfortunately we’ve been unable to make large-scale, high volume purchases of olive oil because, despite our ability to negotiate, the cost of olive oil is simply too high.

Veronica Foods

For this reason we were elated to receive a recent donation of high quality olive oil from Veronica Foods. The Oakland-based artisan oil producer donated 2,880 gallons (that’s 12 pallets!) of infused lemon, red chili and green chili olive oil. Leah Bradley, CFO of Veronica Foods, says her family’s business is committed to giving back to their community and supporting Bay Area Food Banks: “We believe olive oil should be available to everyone.”

Veronica Foods supplies their amazing oils to more than 800 independently owned olive oil stores throughout the United States. These stores having tasting rooms and bottle for their customers via taps. When it came to donating the olive oil, Veronica Foods showed their true colors by going the extra-mile to give back. As opposed to the large, 10-liter cubes of oil they normally ship to stores, they repackaged the entire donation into 1 gallon jugs so that families could easily transport the olive oil home from distributions.

Veronica Foods Oil Donation

Leah continues, “We love it. We’ve been here forever. We want to continue giving to as many food banks as we can. There’s nothing we like seeing more than people consuming olive oil.”

The olive oil flew off our shelves, as our partners are very excited to share it with our clients. “By providing these amazing infused olive oils, we can help our clients prepare delicious and heart-healthy meals at home using the fresh produce, whole grains and lean proteins we distribute,” says Elena Hollander, Community Nutrition Senior Manager at Second Harvest Food Bank.

We couldn’t be happier to receive this donation and know that food manufacturers like Veronica Foods are supporting food banks throughout the Bay Area! It’s a stellar example of everyone doing their part to build a hunger-free community.