“Social Media Round-Up” is an ‘ICYMI’ compilation of the top hunger-related news articles and other interesting tidbits posted on our social media profiles.


San Jose State University is ranked number 8 on a list of colleges that are most successful at moving lower-income students into the middle or upper middle classafter graduation. We’re proud to fight hunger on the SJSU campus through our Just-in-Time Pantry. Read more about our work here.

“Top wage earners last year made 5.05 times what their lowest-income counterparts took home, the widest gap in data going back to 1979, according to the Labor Department.”

Here’s one perspective of how the Affordable Care Act has impacted food insecurity in the U.S.

Just one awesome example of how spreading the word can make a huge difference!

What an intriguing idea. (h/t California Association of Food Banks)

“As the cost of college grows, research shows that so does the number of hungry and homeless students at colleges and universities across the country. Still, many say the problem is invisible to the public.”

Something to keep an eye on.

“…the region is increasingly buckling under the strain of the recent success, with longer traffic commutes, a soaring cost of living and a steep housing shortage frustrating business leaders and residents alike.”

Important reminders of why we must work together to end child hunger.

Access to healthy meals is so important. Double Up Food Bucks, a new pilot program in 3 grocery stores in San Jose and Gilroy, helps low-income families bring home more healthy food by doubling the CalFresh (also known as food stamps) benefits they use on California-grown produce. We’re proud to be a program partner!

Do you like this idea of food manufacturers simplifying the words they use on package labels to eliminate food waste?

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