“Local Hunger Fighters” is a series that spotlights our awesome supporters and staff who help raise awareness of hunger in our community and motivate people to get involved.


Local Hunger Fighter: Nu Knickerbocker, Front Desk Receptionist, Salvation Army in San Jose

How are you helping Second Harvest Food Bank and our community?
Here at the Salvation Army, we are trying to help our community by teaming up with workers from Second Harvest to help our community members get extra help and resources that Second Harvest can help them qualify for.

I work in the Family Service Department. My job is to help community members register clients for our food pantry. I love what I do because I help fill empty stomachs and I get to be of service to those in need. Sometimes I have to wear multiple hats. For example, when we are short on volunteers, I help with the distribution of food – I help people sign up to make sure everyone leaves with food on their hands and make sure the bread is fully stacked so it’s available to anyone who needs it.  I also collaborate with Second Harvest Food Bank staff and Social Services Eligibility Worker to help our clients access more food resources and meet their nutritional needs.

What inspires you to give?
Helping others comes natural to me. My philosophy is to always try my best and to treat others with dignity and respect just like I would want to be treated. So if someone needs some kind of help, I try my best to help or give what I can. I feel that when you help others, it becomes contagious.

Why should people care about hunger in our community?
I think people should care about hunger in our community because being hungry is nothing to be happy about. Housing costs and the cost to just survive and live here in the Bay Area is a lot, and having to worry whether you have enough money to eat after all that is tough.

Why do you support Second Harvest?
I support Second Harvest because they are doing a lot of good for our community. They make it easier for community members to find resources that help supplement their needs.

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