“Local Hunger Fighters” is a series that spotlights our awesome supporters and staff who help raise awareness of hunger in our community and motivate people to get involved.

Local Hunger Fighter: Donna Duval, Programs & Services Volunteer

How are you helping Second Harvest and our community?
I am helping Second Harvest and our community by volunteering at the Curtner Center in San Jose for almost two years, using my clerical experience. I also pick up trash in my neighborhood while walking my dog.

What inspires you to give your time?
The thing that inspires me to give my time is that I’ve had a great life in my adult years. When I was growing up, my mom raised four kids on her own. Money was always tight. My mom was too proud to ask for help, so we struggled. When I retired from San Jose State University at the end of 2013, I knew that I wanted to give back. I gave myself a year to decide where I wanted to volunteer my time. I decided that a good fit for me would be at Second Harvest Food Bank, helping out in the Program and Services department.

Why should people care about hunger in our community?
The cost of living is so expensive here in the Bay Area. Some people do not have enough money after they have paid their rent to buy food for their family to last throughout the month. If people can’t eat, or feed their children, they could be forced into homelessness or criminal activity.

Why do you support Second Harvest?
I support Second Harvest Food Bank because it has great programs that help a lot of people feed their families. I not only volunteer my time, but I also donate to this organization. I wouldn’t do that if I didn’t believe in their cause.

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