“Social Media Round-Up” is an ‘ICYMI’ compilation of the top hunger-related news articles and other interesting tidbits posted on our social media profiles.

“Just how hard is it for young people to buy a home in Silicon Valley? It takes until age 42.5 for the home ownership rate to hit 25 percent in the region — the highest age in the country.”

“By gradually raising the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour over the next seven years…more than 1.2 million families would achieve food security, according to Rodgers’ analysis. Among them would be some of the most economically vulnerable, including a significant number of single-parent and minority households.”

“Food insecurity is widespread among adolescents, the stigma it carries prevents many of them from asking for help, and teens sometimes turn to highly risky behavior…just to get enough to eat.”

“[Teens] are more aware of the stigma associated with a free lunch than younger children. They’re also at an age where fitting in is paramount.”

“The pilot program is expected to involve a handful of online retailers in up to three states. Government officials expect the program to primarily benefit the disabled, the elderly, and others who have a difficult time leaving home. It could also help those who have little access to healthy food options.”

Read four interesting perspectives on what can be done to reduce food waste.

“Regardless of where one stands on the debate it’s worth remembering that school lunches were once uncontroversial.” Get a quick history lesson about school lunches in America.

“While childhood hunger rates have also improved, two new reports make the case that they have by no means improved enough…”

Bay Area wages are soaring…for some

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