“Local Hunger Fighters” is a series that spotlights our awesome supporters and staff who help raise awareness of hunger in our community and motivate people to get involved.

Local Hunger Fighter: Julie Hosfeldt, WIC Staff Member

Here’s a note from our Food Connection staff: “Julie has been a fabulous partner to us; we go to the WIC clinic every Wednesday. She always helps to make sure the young children on the coast of San Mateo County have all of the nutrition resources available to them, including CalFresh and other Food Bank programs.”

How are you helping Second Harvest and our community end hunger?
As a dietitian for the Women, Infants and Children Special Supplemental Nutrition Program (WIC), I regularly refer clients to Second Harvest’s services. WIC provides basic food staples for families, and Second Harvest helps them supplement those foods.

What inspires you to give?
Nourishment is a basic need. There is no excuse for hunger and malnourishment in the U.S., but the reality is that they have always existed. It is a personal mission of mine to contribute as much nutrition expertise as possible to help families overcome these issues.

Why should people care about hunger in our community?
Proper nutrition is the basis for an excellent quality of life: good physical health, sharp mental functioning, longevity, avoidance of chronic disease. Hunger and malnourishment costs all of us and our society, most noticeably in the form of skyrocketing health care costs.

Why do you support Second Harvest?
It is an amazing organization! By working together and strengthening our collective resources, I believe we can accomplish so much more to help our families achieve a healthier and more food secure lifestyle.

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