Special Blog Post By: Sheryl Sandberg, “Stand Up For Kids” Campaign Fundraising Council Co-Chair

1 in 3 kids in Silicon Valley is at risk of hunger.

Often, hunger is invisible. An elementary teacher in San Jose asked her class to write down their favorite meal for dinner, but one boy didn’t know what to write. He asked her: “Is dinner the meal that most families have when the sun goes down? Because we don’t have that meal in our house.” At another school, staff noticed that on Fridays kids were going through the garbage looking for leftovers, because they knew that on the weekend they wouldn’t get school meals.

That’s happening here, in Silicon Valley, in 2016. And it can be devastating. Hunger hurts our children and our community – it makes it harder for kids to do well in school and succeed in life.

It doesn’t have to be this way. In a world full of problems we can’t solve, this is one that we can. We have an unbelievably efficient local food bank — Second Harvest. Just 50 cents can provide a nutritious meal to a child in need. And as part of this month’s Stand Up for Kids campaign, every dollar donated will be matched with $2 from campaign leaders like me.

Your gift will help expand Second Harvest’s partnership with local schools, such as Sacred Heart Nativity School. Sonya Arriola, their President, noticed the impact of their partnership almost immediately; she told me that as soon as she could provide more nutritious food to their students, they started seeing academic improvements.

Let’s make sure every child in our community has the nutritious food they need to reach their full potential in school and life.

***To ensure that no child at risk goes hungry, the Stand Up for Kids campaign leaders are now matching every $1 you donate before May 31st with $2 – donate today!