“Nutrition Newbie” is a series focused on basic nutrition information and tips.

Special Blog Post By: Alex Navarro, Second Harvest Food Bank Nutrition Educator for San Mateo County

Sunny Breakfast Garden – Getting kids to eat their veggies has never looked so delicious!

As a nutrition educator, part of my job here at the food bank is to try to help kids develop healthy eating habits, which always involves eating more vegetables. We believe that it’s an important role for a parent to offer a variety of both fruits and vegetables to their child daily. When you serve these foods in different forms and textures, you will actually be helping your child expand their taste and appetite for real food.

Getting kids to pass on the unhealthy foods in favor of healthier fruits and veggies has led to many mealtime meltdowns for parents everywhere. I would know! But what if that could change with incorporating something as easy as having your child help in the kitchen? According to studies, children who help cook at home are more likely to enjoy fruits and veggies than those who don’t cook. The data also shows that kids who cook with their parents feel more confident about the importance of making healthier food choices. This can be very beneficial for both the parents and their children to cook together, not only because of the positive effects of the food intake, but also because both the parents and children value the time they spend together. Cooking as a family, the study revealed, made children feel creative, independent, and proud.

Here is a simple way to help make eating veggies fun and delicious for the both of you.

What better way to start your morning – create a spring garden with eggs cooked inside a bell pepper. Feel free to use any vegetables you may have at home. It’s as easy as it looks!

Sunny Breakfast Garden

  • Slice bell peppers through the middle.
  • Place bell peppers on a hot skillet.
  • Crack an egg into the center.
  • Cook until egg whites are no longer runny.
  • Garnish your plate with veggies* of your choice to have your garden bloom.
  • *Broccoli, asparagus, and red and yellow bell peppers were used in this recipe.

    This recipe requires the imagination of a child, so don’t hesitate to bring your child into the kitchen to help them create their own edible flower garden.

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