Special Blog Post By: Doreen, partner agency

My name is Doreen and I work at the YMCA of Silicon Valley. Working with the YMCA’s After School and Enrichment Programs, I get to see firsthand how the food from Second Harvest Food Bank improves the lives of the children in our programs. The weekly truckload of fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, and nuts provides healthy food for kids over the weekend when they are unable to access meals through the Free and Reduced Lunch programs at school.

The students in our after-school programs rely heavily on the food they receive and look forward to the distribution every week. One child, on the verge of suspension from school, wrote us a letter asking if she would still be able to receive her food since her mom did not have enough for her to eat. Facing suspension, she was still thinking about where her next meal was going to come from. We are so happy that we can fill this void for families through the partnership with Second Harvest and nothing is more meaningful than seeing the excited and grateful faces of the students and their parents when they receive their food.

Once basic needs such as food are met, children are given the opportunity to thrive in school and little by little we can decrease the achievement and access gap. I always tell people that hunger is alive and well here in Silicon Valley, even if you don’t see it on a daily basis. It is important to raise awareness about the hungry children and families I see every day. With your help, we can give these children nourishment and hope for a brighter future.

*** Learn more about our programs that serve children and others in need of food year-round.