“Social Media Round-Up” is an ‘ICYMI’ compilation of the top hunger-related news articles and other interesting tidbits posted on our social media profiles.

4/1: Why I Lie to the Food Pantry, The Huffington Post
“…there is no check box for ‘barely making it even though we’re working.'” Thank you, Trisha, for sharing your story

4/5: Debunkifying the Meme: The Welfare Fridge, Poor as Folk
“If that fridge on the left was actually a SNAP recipient’s fridge, that’s good. It means that SNAP works how it should. The point of the program is to put food in people’s refrigerators.” Well said, Poor as Folk.

4/6: To the Women Behind Me in Line at the Grocery Store, The Huffington Post
An open letter from a woman struggling to make ends meet, to a good samaritan that waited behind her in the checkout line.

4/8: Portraits of Food Stamp Recipients in the Wake of Program Cuts, Time.com
“These people could be your neighbors, your co-workers, or the person standing behind you at the supermarket.”

4/9: Out of Work, Out of Benefits, and Running Out of Options, The New York Times
“What he does not have – and has not had for the last year – is a full-time job. Five years since the recession ended, it is a story still shared by millions.”

4/13: Portraits of Waste in America, Smithsonian Magazine
Fascinating photography project that shows what ends up in the trash for a handful of households. A lot of it is food. Have you thought about what you throw away in a single week?

4/14: Second Harvest Sets Sights on $4 Million to Ensure Silicon Valley Kids Don’t Go Hungry, San Jose Mercury
“When kids get the nutritious food they need, they are better prepared to learn. They have the energy to pursue their dreams.” – Kathy Jackson, CEO of Second Harvest ‪#‎NoHungerBully‬

4/15: Stress, Fear, and the Changing Face of Poverty, The Huffington Post
“The fear and stress of poverty result in depression and stress-related illness. Poverty results in substandard living conditions, a less nutritious diet, malnutrition and hunger.”

4/18: Our Food Connection team (they answer all calls to our Food Connection hotline) got a much-needed office makeover – goodbye old desks and shelving; hello new paint on the walls! Happy Friday!

4/20: 6 Foods Nutritionist Experts Won’t Eat, Everyday Health
My favorite tip & trick from this Everyday Health article: “Change your taste – dilute your foods by mixing half of the bad stuff with half of the good stuff.” If eating healthy foods isn’t your default, how do you get them into your diet?

4/24: Recession Not Over for Poor: Families Stretch Food to Last, NBC News
“‘I try not to think about it because it’s hard,’ Kevin, an 8th grader who also volunteers at a food pantry, said of their food challenges. ‘We’re a good family. We’re poor, but that doesn’t stop us.'” ‪#‎NoHungerBully‬

4/26: 34 Ways to Waste Less Food, Buzzfeed
Every day is ‪#‎EarthDay‬! Check out these tips on how to reduce food waste, compiled by BuzzFeed.

4/28: #MondayInspiration

4/29: Hunger in Silicon Valley: It’s Real, and it’s a Learning Handicap, San Jose Mercury
“In a region as wealthy as ours, which relies on its young people to help fuel and further technological innovation, it’s a scandal that one in three children is too hungry to learn.” ‪#‎NoHungerBully‬

4/29: This is how you organize 125+ staff for a company picture

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