Food of the Month: Turkeys!

With the holiday season upon us, we have chosen turkeys as our November food of the month. Did you know Second Harvest Food Bank holds a drive every year to collect turkeys for local families, children, seniors and individuals? Our 2012 goal is to collect 12,000 turkeys in two months.

A turkey not only completes the holiday spread but also provides plenty of nutritious value. Our Community Nutritionist Janet Hung explains, “A fresh or frozen turkey would be a wonderful addition to a holiday meal. When donating a frozen turkey, please make sure it is frozen as hard as a bowling ball when you drop it off. Since one turkey can feed a lot of people, clients will be able to share a nice dinner with friends and family. They can freeze the leftovers and get plenty of protein in their diet!”

How Can You Help

Find Perky the Turkey on our Facebook or Google+ page!

Turkey donations to any of our three locations will help us make the year-end holidays more memorable for the local families we serve. Second Harvest Food Bank accepts donations of fresh or frozen turkeys at all three of our locations. Please note that frozen turkeys must be received frozen and not thawed. We have posted our special extended holiday hours at Curtner Center, Bing Center and Cypress Center on our website. You can also help by making an online donation today. We can turn a $1 donation into 2 nutritious meals!

If you have already donated food or funds, help us inspire others to give. Spread the word and tag yourself in Perky the Turkey’s picture on our Facebook page or +1 his picture on our Google+ page.

Thank you for your generous support to help feed families in need during this holiday season. We appreciate all that you do!

3 comments to Food of the Month: Turkeys!

  • Patrice O'Shea

    I don’t know WHAT I would have done withou Coastsidr Hope in El Granada and 3nd Harvest….when I wenr for my frst appointment there I was so beat down physically, spiritually and emotionally (and esentially homeless)that it even seemed TOO MUCH to make it there!!! I gathered my strength and with bus tickets given to me I MADE IT! Then my “healing began! Violeta the case mgr I met filled both my brown bags and my hear and soul with her sincere caring….. with no lengthy “how at 66 did you get in this mess?” She just efficiently did her “job” while scooping up what was left of my physical and emotional reserves. I truly left feeling HOPE that day and with nurishing food my body so desparately needed to heal (post chemo), plus a feeling of true carring and a folder full ofbenefits I did not even know I qualified for (I did work 45 years….but medical and life costs often does take that into consideration as you are stripped of all personal resources. I then met Violeta at the 3nd Harvest food bank in Half Moon Bay where she works on Mondays….These last few months have given me physical and emotional support that started to eerase the “hopelessness” I had been stuck in for 3 years! Thanks to nurishing food and an expanding network of people “in my corner”….I am on the mend in all areas which will alow me to address housing which is next on my/their list of priorities for me…..I do not have the word…but have many PRAYERS of thankfulness to Second Harvest and all of it’s oureaching organizations…for me Coastside Hope and Senior Coastsiders. You ALL have my love and prayers for a happy holidays season and my wish that I will be alowwed to “pay it forwaed some day….Regards, Patrice O’Shea

  • Michelle Berg

    Patrice – thank you so much for sharing your story. Coastside Hope is an excellent partner and we’re happy we can all provide support for you and others in need during difficult times. It takes great strength to turn things around, and you’re doing it!

  • […] example, Second Harvest Food Bank of San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties is collecting 12,000 turkeys this year to meet local demand. In my hometown of Sacramento, […]

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