My name is Love. My wonderful children are Chris and Bella. I was an Executive Assistant for 12 years but developed carpal tunnel and couldn’t work full-time anymore. My husband Eddie had been selling insurance for 6 years but there just wasn’t enough business to keep him going.

We soon didn’t have enough money to afford a place of our own. What we have a tent so we thought it would be easiest on the kids to turn our situation into sort of a summer camping “adventure.” We couldn’t count on having consistent showers, keeping our food from going bad, dealing with mice running around the tent, and not having lights at night. Eventually our car became our home.  We didn’t have a choice. It broke my heart to hear my son ask “you’re not working and Daddy’s not – are we are homeless?” The first night in our car, it hit me. “I’m living in a car with my children.” It was surreal. We’ve never been in a situation like this before. No matter how challenging things became, I realized that our home is wherever we are.

We get food stamps (CalFresh), but we can only keep a little food at a time. We can’t store the food for long because we just have a cooler. We find ourselves running out of food halfway through the month. Now we get food through Second Harvest and it’s such a blessing! It is truly the key to our survival. My daughter loves the plums the most! There’s a feeling of relief to know that when we wake up we have food to give the kids. We are so grateful to the Food Bank and everyone who makes our meals happen!

We just got a safe and open room to stay in through a supportive connection in the faith community. We now have more compassion for the homeless as a result of this experience. Once our situation improves, we want to give back in whatever way possible, helping others facing hard times.