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My name is Love. My wonderful children are Chris and Bella. I was an Executive Assistant for 12 years but developed carpal tunnel and couldn’t work full-time anymore. My husband Eddie had been selling insurance for 6 years but there just wasn’t enough business to keep him going.

We soon didn’t have enough money to afford a place of our own. What we have a tent so we thought it would be easiest on the kids to turn our situation into sort of a summer camping “adventure.” We couldn’t count on having consistent showers, keeping our food from going bad, dealing with mice running around the tent, and not having lights at night. Eventually our car became our home.  We didn’t have a choice. It broke my heart to hear my son ask “you’re not working and Daddy’s not – are we are homeless?” The first night in our car, it hit me. “I’m living in a car with my children.” It was surreal. We’ve never been in a situation like this before. No matter how challenging things became, I realized that our home is wherever we are.

We get food stamps (CalFresh), but we can only keep a little food at a time. We can’t store the food for long because we just have a cooler. We find ourselves running out of food halfway through the month. Now we get food through Second Harvest and it’s such a blessing! It is truly the key to our survival. My daughter loves the plums the most! There’s a feeling of relief to know that when we wake up we have food to give the kids. We are so grateful to the Food Bank and everyone who makes our meals happen!

We just got a safe and open room to stay in through a supportive connection in the faith community. We now have more compassion for the homeless as a result of this experience. Once our situation improves, we want to give back in whatever way possible, helping others facing hard times.

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  • Hector Ibarra

    I realize when the going gets ruff where ever your family is that is your home. Its gets challeging but never give up hope. Thanks to Second Harvest Food Bank it is able to help those in great need and keep there hopes high.

  • hayad muhumed


  • miriam canales

    is hard to find ourselves homeless, but is even harder when we have kids suffering with us. that’s why is a blessing to have places like second harvest food bank that help us in our needs.

  • Gabby Hernandez

    It awesome what food bank is doing for all this people.Thnks God for them we can help people who really need it. Giving them a such good support with food.

  • onice

    thousands of people suffer because they dont have food, and its really sad seen children dying of hunger, when the people who have money waste their food they throw away food or even kids dont like what they have to eat, when those poor kids are craving a little peace of bread. many people dont see themselves in the situation but things happen and were all can be in the situation some day. thats why im thankful that we have second harvest food bank because we never know when we can get to suffer hunger like many people are right now.

  • paula riveros

    That must of been really hard to have struggled knowing your kids had to struggle with you as well. Good thing you two didnt give up on finding a place for your kids to sleep and eat. Thanks to Second Harvest for having great service for those who have to go through the same.

  • natanem

    am so happy that u guys finally got help and your kids stop thinking about any starvation and such things like that and i would like to thank second harvest food bank to make this family happy.we all have to co-operate to survive million kids life!! the small thing we give has great value

  • Kevin Castellanos Linares

    It’s great hearing, the food bank is an option when ever it’s in need. Although I berely heard about this program I realize i could’ve recommended it to tons of people in my time. This story really open my mind,to believe people do care about the less fortunate . Here in America

  • Karlos Gonzalez

    this should teach us all a lesson we should be grateful for every ounce of food we have. Some poeple like this family dont have any and are struggling to survive. we shouldnt take anything for granted thank you for secend harvest food bank for helpinmg those who dont have any.

  • TP

    Iam so happy when you guys got help from the Second Harvest Food Bank. Thank God and Thank Second Harvest Food Bank also everybody who Volunteer.

  • Karlos Gonzalez Bucio

    This should teach us all a lesson we should be grateful for every ounce of food we get. This faily went through a struggle and now appretiates what they have. we should all learn from this keep on fighting and thank god for the secend harvest food bank

  • Its great that the food drive helps the people out and kids dont have to worry about starvation. Many people dont see themselves in the situation but things can happen one day to all of us in one day keep the great job.

  • Gian Ramirez

    I’m happy that a lot of people in the communities are donating food to the people in need. I recommend this program cause its perfect for the low-income families that need to eat to survive. Thank you everyone at the Second Harvest food Bank who volunteer to help the need.

  • David Salguero

    How sad to know and see people Starving to death because of being homeless. It must of been a nightmare to experience that time of need. Thanks to Harvest Food Bank, you and you’re family now have food.

    Congratulations Love and Family! 😀

  • Alberto Hernandez


  • Jose Diaz

    Dear love
    This story left a dent in the back of my head. There were many thoughts climbing to that dent of my mind. I wans’t aware that the world wasn’t bad, but horrible for some poeple. I can’t even imagine all the worries that didn’t let you rest at night. The monster thought of ”What am I going to feed my kids tomorrow.” at night. And then having to face the arraving light on your car window knowing you have to find a way to make it through the day. I have to admit your a courageous person, you survived on what little you found along the way. You weren’t survivng by yourself, but you also had a family to keep alive. Your family is what kept the instinct of living alive in your mind. I gasped more at the thought that you were fighting to keep your kids alive and well. I recognized that you strived to keep a roof over your kids, you didn’t give up. Nothing made you gave in, you were srtong all the way. A strong person is needed in a family, so you could survive throught the soft, hard, and rought times. I’m glad you found kind people that can give you hand to get back on your feet. I hope you get back on your feet and find something to sustain your family as well as a home.
    Sincerely Jose Diaz



  • Joseph Manoharan

    Love, your story inspires thousands. The audacity of faith in the face of hard situations and hanging to God who will make a way where there is no way, it is awesome to see in action. Heard many stories of relatively decent families almost becoming homeless, but saw firsthand in your life. I pray the Lord will speak to the hearts of the people to be more generous to donate to Second Harvest so the cycle continues and another family is checked out,so they do not hit the road. Keep up the good work.

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