2012 Health Ambassadors

Our new class of Health Ambassadors will multiply the impact of our existing nutrition outreach efforts

Second Harvest Food Bank does much more than distribute millions of pounds of food each month.  In addition to making sure we are providing healthy food to local families in need, we also strive to educate individuals and organizations about making their meals both nutritious and safe.  Last Friday, after our staff nutritionists (Madoka is in the fun hat) provided extensive nutrition education and food safety training, we inducted our second class of Health Ambassadors.

This program was created and piloted in 2011 by Public Health Intern, Prima Hernandez (third from right in the photo) as a way to augment Second Harvest’s existing nutrition outreach efforts.  Our Health Ambassadors will:

  • Transform lives by teaching people to make healthy food choices and cook tasty meals.
  • Help people lower their risk for diabetes, obesity, heart disease and other health problems.
  • Inspire members of our community to lead healthy lives.

Health Ambassadors will provide nutrition and food safety classes, cooking demonstrations of food bank relevant recipes, and other resources at sites throughout our community.  These four Ambassadors speak Spanish, Vietnamese, Tagalog and Mandarin.  After completing the final phase of their field training, they will be able to go to distribution sites without the nutritionists to provide education in an appropriate language, thus expanding our nutrition outreach.

Congratulations and thanks to them!