Make sure your family is ready by stocking up on food, water and emergency supplies.

In light of the recent tragedy in Japan we are reminded of the importance of emergency preparedness.  While our thoughts are with the victims of the earthquake and its aftermath, we hope you will take some time to prepare your family for a potential disaster.  60% of Californians do not have enough water, let alone food, stored for use in case of an earthquake or other emergency.  Although Second Harvest Food Bank is organized to work with the local Red Cross and other agencies to feed people in the event of a local crisis, we encourage everyone to be prepared for the unpredictable.

One of our supporters shared how she prepares her family, but also finds a way to give back.  Once a year she stocks up on all the essential non-perishables, from canned fruits and vegetables, to dry cereal, meals in a can and tuna.  Knowing that even shelf stable food has an expiration date, her family clears out their storage pantry each year and donates the supply to the school food drive.  She says, “The annual food drive provides me with incentive and discipline to rotate my emergency food — I don’t end up with outdated emergency supplies and I am able to give healthy canned goods with plenty of shelf life to the Food Bank.  It is a win-win.”

The hope for emergency food is always that you won’t need it, but we should still be prepared.  If your stash goes unused, Second Harvest Food Bank will gladly accept your donation and get those cans into the hands of our neighbors in need.  Neighbors who are also in situations no one could have predicted.

For more information on storing an emergency food supply, please visit the American Red Cross Preparedness site.