Volunteers Rally to Rescue over 8,000 Pounds of Food in San Jose

On Friday, July 9, volunteers from Cisco Systems, Ernst & Young, and Lockheed Martin rallied at the San Jose Convention Center on short notice to rescue food. The food show held by the National Association of College and University Food Services was wrapping up, and Second Harvest Food Bank staff quickly sourced 24 intrepid volunteers and the necessary carts and bins to collect the food with.

“We worked under what I called a ‘controlled chaos’ environment with the exhibitors and show operators pulling up carpets and dismantling the booths while the volunteers moved down each aisle collecting food. In the hour and a half, we collected 8,054 lbs for the Food Bank, plus 3 additional pallets of perishable food we gave to City Team,” said Barbara Gehlen, our Director of Food Resources who led the volunteers.

Thanks to all our wonderful volunteers and staff who went above and beyond to make this happen!

3 comments to Volunteers Rally to Rescue over 8,000 Pounds of Food in San Jose

  • FX Hartigan

    Please get the angels’ names right — companies like Ernst & Young do civic-minded things for more than one reason.

  • Poppy Pembroke

    Thanks for the correction!

  • What a quick and creative way to rescue food!

    Having been to many food shows there are so many vendor booths with so many samples handed out. Since no supplier wants to run out, everyone ends up bringing three times what they need for the show.

    This solution helps feed the hungry and reduces the carbon foot print from shipping all unused samples back to the office or warehouse.

    What a Great Idea!


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